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Watch Grimes get interviewed by some1 who has no effing clue who she is.

[Interview at 14:30]


This is Grimes performing at some random radio station called 'KEXP.' There's nothing worse than when radio stations seem like these 'iconic place where authentic journalism takes place', but then u realize they are just places where ppl work 'on the cheap' because it is a dying business model and most of the 'personalities' who work there are just holding on for dear life, being paid below market wages.

Anyways, one of those people interviews Grimes at around the 14:30 mark of this video. Before that, Grimes bleeps and bloops on the ground, showing you that all it takes are a few bleep bloop machines to become one of the most relevant artists of our time [via this month]. Feel bad for buzzbands that have 4+ members, when all u really have to do is look like an artsy keut female.

Really great wikipedia research by this interviewer. U can tell that she felt uncomfortable watching Grimes rolling around on the ground on top of keyboards, then having to give a 'serious interview.'

Do u <3 Grimes?
Does she always 'give it her all' in every interview?
Do u feel like u rlly know her?
Is Grimes time in the spotlight 'effing over'?
Do u <3 this middle aged lady asking Grimes 'who the eff r u'?
Is Grimes 'the new Lana Del Rey' + bleepbloops + bangs?
Is Grimes = Keyboard Cat?

Watch Washed Out get interviewed by some1 who has no effing clue who he is.


Alternative Celebrity, Buzzband

Grimes is Claire Boucher, a Canadian bleep bloop singer music project.

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Ben Gibbard spotted rolling at a rave with glow fingertips. Has he hit rock-bottom post-ZoZo?

Ben bro...
I'm honestly rlly worried about you.
u NEED to get over Zooey...

First you started 'running a lot' to clear ur mind [link]
Then u turned to pills... [link]
But now you started going to raves?
Cmon bro....

Act ur age.
I know ur in2 the Bleep Bloops because u did the whole Postal Service thing...
but I mean CMON...
raving with the fingertip glow things?

I get it Ben...
Ur effed up out of ur mind

I thought Ben Gibbard was sober after going on so many benders... [link]
I guess u've fallen off the wagon
We're prayin 4 u, BenGibb... Honestly.
Ben has hit rock bottom...

I guess I would too if my ex turned into a mainstream it-girl
where u can't even turn on the TV without seeing her face....
I forgive u, Ben.
We're all pulling 4 u.


R u worried abt Ben Gibby?
Do u think he belongs at a rave?
Is he alright?
Is he 2 old 2 be raving?
Does this mean the Postal Service is gonna get back 2gthr?

Ben Gibbard

Alternative Celebrity

Ben Gibbard is the lead singer of the Death Cabs and the now defunct Postal Service. Zooey Deschanel married him to be more indie.

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Trent Reznor claims he had the original Skrillex haircut, threatens lawsuit

Trent Reznor is a Nine Inch Nails bro who is widely regarded as a cultural alt visionary. He's sort of like Robert Smith of the Cure, except he's not wearing the same costume from 20 years ago, or something. I am not sure if he is still in a band, or if he just writes meaningful bleep bloops over David Fincher films and collects 'mad Oscars.' Anyways, some 'embarassing footage' of him on some dance from the 90s emerged, and it has ruffled some feathers in the alt haircut community.

It seems as though Trent Reznor has 'the Skrillex haircut' in this vintage performance...

Skrillex's haircut has become an internationally known meme, but did Trent Rezzie 'have it first'?

Who is the original alt innovator?

Is Trent Reznor owed a percentage of Skrillex's fame and fortune?

Some people wanted to say that Win Butler had this hairstyle first, too... it's clear that Win Butler is an imitator of BOTH Trent Rezzie and Skrilldog...

Is the 'Skrillex haircut' actually 'the Trent Rezzie haircut'?

Neither of the parties could be reached for comment, but it seems clear that this might be heading to court...

Who invented the Skrillex haircut?
Do you hang out at girlswholooklikeskrillex.tumblr.com all day?
Will Skrillex have to pay publishing rights/ royalties to Trent Reznor?
Do u ever listen to the song abt wanting 2 Eff some1 like an animal [via NIN]?
Is there a precedent Supreme Court case on a similar issue?
Does every1 steal from every1?
Who was the first person ever with the Skrillex haircut?


Alternative Celebrity, DJ

Skrillex is a popular dubstep DJ who is arguably the #1 alt DJ in the world.

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Zooey Deschanel goes solo, shows off BANGIN BOD in new pop music video


I guess being in She & Him with M. Ward was sorta getting boring. Sure, you can sell a shitload of albums to NPR cool dads and whimsical high-end female tween blog readers, but at the end of the day, the real money is in the pop mass markets. U have to give Zooey Deschanel props 4 going where the money is, instead of continuing to exploit the dying 'indie' aesthetic. Sure, she's a QT with bangs, but QTs with bangs are mnstrm now. Her new song "Call Me Maybe" is a POP BANGER.

It seems like her bod is BANGIN-ER than ever, and there is a certain pop arrangement/sensibility to her vibe now. In the video, she lusts over a HOTTIE MCHOTHOT with a chest tattoo. U gotta give her props 4 going after that bad boi.

I wish she'd call me maybe...

I wish she'd come 'get soapy' with me...

Speaking of BBs who I'd like 2 call...


The Lamestreamers are going crazie 4 the new ZoZo!

Do u <3 ZoZo 3.0?
Has she been set free since the Ben Gibbard divorce?
Do u <3 this song?
Would u call her maybe?
Do all BBs with bangs look the same?
R u hornie 4 those tweens?
R u #hornie4zozo?

DARK CONFESSION: I went to a rave and took advantage of a girl who was ROLLING HARD

Photo by Last Nights Party

I'm not proud of what I did, but in the moment, I thought it was the right thing to do. For my peen.

I had been standing at the front of the stage with my bro for the past 2 hours. It sorta sucks hanging out with a bro, but I noticed this girl who was all alone. Before the show, we sorta talked and she seemed nice. I thought she was more into my bro, but I wasn't going to let him have a freebie. It was effing on.

She was a nice girl, and we had both come to see the DJ set of the opener, not the headliner. Then she got totally effed up. I believe she took a drug called 'molly.'

During the show, I inched closer to her. I positioned my peen area against her backside, but it wasn't fully erect or anything. It felt good to be close to her. I hadn't been with a girl since my ex broke up with me when I was 13 years old.

Then she continued to raise up against the baracade, and I figured that she needed support because she was clearly on a ton of drugs. Her skin was soft. I cupped her breasts, squeezing her nipples thru her padded bra. She didn't say 'no'... I'm just saying...

Then I started to kiss her neck. It seemed like she was experiencing pleasure, and I ran my hands all over her body. Even towards her vagine, where she had a nice landing strip of pubic hair.

I'm not saying it was right or wrong, but in the moment, at that rave, everything felt like it was the way it was supposed to be. She kissed me once. I felt happy. I could tell that my bro was jealous because I had scored some hot raver poontang, but he had his shot. She liked me. Even if it was just for a 3 hour DJ set, it was one of the most sensual experiences of my life.

After the show, she passed out inside a portapotty, and my mom came to pick up me and my bro. I checked the newspapers the next day, and no one died. I hope she is alright.

I think I love her. I don't think I took advantage of her.

Did James Franco turn in2 a swag wigger?

by the UlTiMaTe LaMeStReAmER!!!

James BB Franco! Is that u!? I hardly recognize u.

If ANYTHING, I'd say that you look like my swag wigger ex who worked at Taco Bell, but also dealt drugs on the side. It was a shame that he eventually lost his job as the manager of Taco Bell because he just coulddn't help himself and just HAD to use the Taco Bell as a drug front. I'd go there every day and eat AT LEAST $20 worth of food. He was a SELFISH ass hole and didn't think of any1 other than himself, which is why he left me.

I CAN'T believe James Franco is a wigger now! I thought he was a HOTTIE INDIE HUNK actor! I want him 2 be happie, though... I hope he gets another shot 2 host the Oscars. He is a RENESSANCE MAN and I believe the fact that he can do anything makes him even HOTTER.

I wanna hit the beach with u, James BB!

Why do I always fall in <3 with swag looking wiggers who are addicted to pain medication drank?

Ryan Gosling who? #TeamJamesFranc!

The Little Raver Who Could [RAVE HAS NO SIZE]

Photo by the Cobrasnake

A little raver had a super important rave 2 attend.

He went along very well till he came to a MASSIVE CROWD. But then, no matter how hard he tried, he could not move the dense pack of ravers and dubstreamers.

He PUSHED and he PUSHED. He ROLLED and he MOLLIED. He backed and started off again. DUB! WUB!

But no! the little raver could not make it to the front of the crowd. He was stuck in non-VIP, General Admission hell.

The little raver understood that it was time 2 get some help...

"Surely I can find someone to help me crowdsurf 2 the front where I can see my fave EDM DJ playing some tunes," he thought.

Over the hill and up the track went the little raver. Choo, choo! Choo, choo! Choo, choo! Choo! DUB! BASS EFFING DROP! LEGIT SWAG DUBSTEP.

Pretty soon he saw a big raver bro standing in the middle of the crowd. He looked very big and strong. Running alongside, the little raver looked up and said:

"Will you help me over the crowd with my tiny raver body? I love this music just as much as any1 else."

The big raver looked down at the little raver. The he said:

"Don't you see that I am rolling my balls off and trying to make out with this bitch dressed up as a fucking Sesame Street character? I'm seriously frying here, trying to make MY way to the front. No, I cannot help you,"

The little raver was sorry, but he went on, Choo, choo! Choo, choo! Choo, choo! Choo, choo! DUB! WOMP! WOOOMP!

Soon he came to a second raver hottie broad wearing basically nothing. He was puffing and puffing, as if he were tired.

"That raver whore may help me," thought the little raver. He ran up to her and asked:

"Will you help me get to the front of this relevant show? There are so many ppl who are so tall, that I can't get over there."

The raver whore answered:

"I have been here since 3 pm, dancing my ass off, and I am really dehyrdrated, basically about to die. Don't you see how tired I am? Can't you get some other raver to help you this time?

"I'll try to do this shit myself," said the little raver, and off he went. Choo, choo! Choo, choo! Choo, choo! DUB WUB DUB WOMP BOOM BASS DROP.

Eventually, the little raver took matters into his own hands. He climbed up some raver's backpack, and had some guy who was on tons of drugs push him above the crowd.

Puff, puff! Chug, choo! Off he started! He began to float above the crowd to the front

Slowly the lil raver began to move. Slowly he climbed to the front of the crowd. As he climbed, the littler raver began to sing:

"I-think-I-can! I-think-I-can! I-think-I-can! I-think-I-can! I-think-I-can! I-think-I-can! I think I can - I think I can - I think I can I think I can--"

And he did! Very soon he was making his way towards the front-stage relevant VIP area loft with free access to unlimited Grey Goose alcohol, cranb juice, soda, OJ, and diet Red Bull.

Now he was at the front, and the little steam engine could make eye contact with his favourite DJ.

The DJ played, and throughout the whole set, the Little Raver who could continued 2 sing:

"I-thought-I-could! I-thought-I-could! I-thought-I-could! I-thought-I-could! I thought i could - I thought I could - I thought I could - I thought I could - I thought I could - I thought I could I thought I could --"


Pitchfork does feature interview on Skrillex. Has he 'crossed over' 2 indie audiences after being ostracized?

Up until today, Pitchfork has taken an anti-Skrillex and anti-American dubstep stance. In the early days, they supported James Blake's minimal bass version of dubstep, but then his buzz sorta died. Now, Skrillex has 'taken over' the modern American music zeitgeist, managing 2 appeal 2 mnstrm vibes AND moderately alt vibes. There's been a whole wave of old ass indie journalists doing dumb 'pieces' where they 'went to a Skrillex show', 'felt old', then 'gave Skrillex his due' for recapturing the authentic essence of music, even though it clashes with the old live-music-experience paradigm that is basically just 'white dudes with guitars, now with a few more bleep bloops.'

Anyways, he was 'featured' in a Pitchfork interview, so u have 2 wonder if P4k is going to start 2 'bail' on fringe/fake buzzbands, and instead focus on dubstep, music that ravers listen 2, and everything else that cool dad, white, indie NPR listeners are not really used 2. In a way, u have to say that Pitchfork is moderately responsible for the memefication of Skrillex into some 'joke meme', just the face of a rave scene for people who wanted to do molly and dress in small clothes, disregarding his art over the course of his rise to post-relevancy, Grammy wins, and mainstream fame.

Skrillex could have been our Lana Del Rey... except there wouldn't have been a backlash when he crested with Grammy success... Maybe 'indie blogs' should have gone EDM already?

Pitchfork: Do you have any theories about why you've been singled out as somebody that people hate?

SM: If you try to understand, that's diving in and reading what people say about you, and you can't do that because, fuck man, it's strange. It causes a stigma. For a long time, I was so oblivious to it because I play these shows and everyone's having a great time. I remember doing my first big Skrillex interview, where I talked with the writer for hours. We touched on everything. And then they chopped it down to a one-minute thing with the headline: "Skrillex Talks Back to the Haters" and it got like a million views. They made it look like I was just defending myself the whole time. It's strange because, before someone has a chance to have their own opinion about you, they already have an opinion about you. That's the thing about press and media, it's out of your control.
It's a shame. People are like, "Oh, I heard about him, he's the crazy dubstep guy," and they listen expecting that. But if you take a step back from the different connotations and you observe things for what they are... there are a lot of artists that might be misunderstood. If anything, I just want people to actually have their own opinions about me. I don't care if people hate me. I mean, I get it. When you were young, you were like, "The Backstreet Boys are gay!" And kids are on computers now. I'll post something on Facebook, and then, within two seconds, there are comments: "Fuck you dude... you suck... pussy... bitch... faggot... you ruined dubstep... emo." But if you look at their profiles, they're so young. To everyone else on the street, there's this really elitist, big group of haters everywhere. But fine. No offense to young kids.
To me, it's all about making music and playing shows. I think it's healthy to talk about why something is better or worse, but everything's connected with that, too. Like, I see someone take a photo of me and they [start typing on their cellphone] and they're putting it on Twitter and Facebook, and it's tagged "Skrillex," and now there are more people talking about me right away. It creates this discussion about so many things, but I guess that's just how it is.

Why didn't Skrillex initially appeal 2 Pitchforkian NPR markets? Is it just a matter of a new generation of 'young people' getting into something new that 'old people' can't call their own?
Has P4k 'caved' 2 the fame and success of Skrillex?
Does this mean random ass Brooklyn buzzbands are in danger of no longer being covered?
Is EDM 'taking over the world'?

Has Skrillex + America 'prevailed'?

Has Skrillex been 'ostracized' unfairly from the white man's indie scene?
Will Skrillex get a 10.0 from P4k?
Are they just being nice to him because he has a song with Kanye West coming out in the immediate future?
Is EDM 'kicking out' indie music?
Is 'indie' over/a dead dream?
Was Skrillex discriminated against?
R u going to listen to EDM so that you are no longer forced to listen to NPR and boring stuff like Bon Iver?
Has Skrillex 'grown on u' after unfair ostracizing him based on internet meme hatred?
Did 'indie music' get boring and overhyped anyways?
Is indie music 'too honky'?
Is Skrillex OFFICIALLY the Prince of Dubstep?
Is Skrillex the current sound of America + rocknroll?

I guess Skrilly was right... rocknroll will take us 2 the mntn top...



James Blake is a Dubstep Classist: The Problems with Modern Indiecentrism--Why do Americans h8 Skrillex?


Alternative Celebrity, DJ

Skrillex is a popular dubstep DJ who is arguably the #1 alt DJ in the world.

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Pitchfork Media

Company, Blog

Pitchfork is a popular indie blogzine that does reviews and gets mad hits.

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Grimes gives SHOCKING, tell-all interview, opens up abt dark secrets, family, romance & past...


Grimes is currently the muse of the entire indiesphere. EVERYONE wants to know everything about her, and she is being propelled to SUCH GREAT HEIGHTS when it comes to alt fame. She recently sat down with Nardwuar, one of the most famous interviewista-wave journalists of our time. His gimmick is 'doing tons of Google research' about the artists, then finding 'gifts' for them, then you get to see their faces light up in delight as they are like 'OMG a gift', but also, 'OMG! some1 actually did research abt me, my scene, and my upbringing, asking me moderately insightful questions as compared to the standard wikipedia-researched interviews that most artists have to endure.'

Anyways, it seems like Nardwuar was able to pull some VERY rich info out of Grimes hottie Claire Boucher:

1. She sometimes has a band, but they get angry at her due to 'failed romance.' You have to assume that Claire is a free-spirited BB who EVERY BRO wants to 'connect with', then she is 'too free spirited' 2 be held down by 1 bro, even if he is in the band.

2. Her mother's name is Sandy Garossino, an independent woman who ran for Vancouver City Council. Her website is located at: http://votesandy.ca/.

While Grimes is an independent musician, her mother is an independent politicion. Can u see where Grimes gets her good looks + independent spirit?

3. Grimes had crazy hermit grandparents who were afraid of the apocalypse, living on a remote piece of land in fear of the world ending and every1 having to fend for themselves. At the age of 8, Grimes learned how to shoot a gun. Boucher decided to stop talking about her grandparents, but seemed to insinuate that they had weapons of mass destruction OR some sort of ILLEGAL/dangerous weapons. Grimes enjoys shooting guns.

4. Grimes is still wearing a Pictureplane t-shirt in Austin, TX. Reports claim that Pictureplane is Grimes boyfriend.

R u GA-Ga 4 Grimes?
IS she the most interesting BB in indie?
Would u take her vibes over some 'dummie' like Best Coast's vibes any day?
Do u wish u could be 'interesting' enough 4 her?
Is Grimes the #1 alt diva in indie right now?
R u going to Follow Sandy Garossino on Twitter, and/or help her utilize voter fraud strategies to win her election in the City of Vancouver?

Did Nardwuar 'kill it' in this interview?
Or do u prefer when he interviews packs of 'hardcore niggaz' because there is a funnier vibe between a white bro and a pack of hardcore niggas?



Alternative Celebrity, Buzzband

Grimes is Claire Boucher, a Canadian bleep bloop singer music project.

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Alternative Celebrity

Nardwuar is a Canadian dude who interviews ppl and gives them gifts that are relevant to their careers and upbringings.

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MUST-SEE VIDEO: A drunk, drugged up girl at ULTRA tries to have sex with a tree


Music festivals aren't actually a showcase of bands and culture [via music], they are really just places where people are allowed to get 'effed up' beyond imaginable limits. While this might be a health and safety hazard to local communities, it is a WIN-WIN situation for the internet because we are blessed with sweet, beautiful internet content, like this broad trying to have sex with a tree. It seems like it isn't just a sexual relationship with the tree, where she is passionately making out with it. Instead, it is a deep love affair that has its ups and downs.


Girl: I love you.
Tree: I am a tree.
Girl: I am on lots of drugs. I feel everything.
Tree: Just being a tree, u rollin' ass bitch
Girl: I want to feel ur branch cock inside of me
Tree: That'd be chill.
Girl: I want to have an orgasm on #molly
Tree: I'm just vibin
Girl: Plz cum inside of me so I can have ur tree baby
Tree: We'll give it a shot, bb!

This BONUS ANGLE features sweet as BRO commentary. At around the halfway point of this video, she seems to 'get in a fight with the tree', slapping it in anger. Then she decides she loves the tree 2 much 2 let it go.


Do u <3 trees?
Have u ever done tons of drugs, then wanted to make out with a tree?
HAve u ever had sex with a tree?
Do u <3 'effed up' people?
Did u enjoy the circle of onlookers filming this broad?
Do u feel bad 4 her?
Was she 'molly-shamed'?
Is ULTRA / WMC a safety hazard?
Do u <3 viral memes at music festivals?
Remember the drunk guy vs. flip flop bro?


Do u wish more hot broads would have sex with trees?

NSFW: Octomom shows off her BANGIN bikini body NUDE!

by the UlTiMaTe LaMeStReAmER!!!

Octomom BB! How did u lose all that BABY WEIGHT, especially after u carried 8 children!

Ur womb must LITERALLY be the most fertile place on the planet. Hell, by the time I get a serious boyfriend, I know that my ovaries will be DRIED UP. And even after I have a child, I'll probably RETAIN all of the weight. UGH. I already have enough lbs on me, and i can't imagine the stress on a family when ur hubby wants u 2 drop all the weight. :-(


I think this pose is SEXIE!

I wanna go shopping with u! Maybe we can go to Mervyn's, Marshall's, or Kohl's to find some of today's HOTTEST fashions!


Maybe we can hit the gym sometime? I'm REALLY good with kids, too. I'd be HAPPY to babysit them, especially because my job fired me after my creepy ex came by and stole a bunch of Office Supplies for drug money. #emberressing

I hope u have even MORE babies, bb! Jon and Kate Plus 8 who? #TeamOctomom4evr!

How r u? No. 4 real. How've u been?

How r u?

No... 4 realsies tho... How've u been?

We haven't TALKED much recently, so I just wanted to know what's been going on with u... Last time we talked u were going thru some shit, so I just wanted to see how it all turned out, and see if ur happy now.

U know, I've always liked u. I've always thought u were special... That's why I really want 2 know: HOW R U? I mean it when I'm asking, so I'd like a real answer. I believe that your feelings are REAL, and I VALIDATE them--they aren't just the feelings of some random person who I don't even care abt.

4 Realsies though... How've u been?

How's ur family?

R u still friends with __________?

Do u still talk 2 ur ex?

What've u been up to in ur spare time? Still working at that job? Still hang out with our old mutual acquaintance?

I understand. Things change.

No, 4 real tho... How've u been?

How's ur career / education going? That seems like a reasonable life plan. I am very proud of you for what you have achieved. You are so special, smart, and awesome, and I know you're going to be one of the best at what u do.

But lk how R U? Like just be honest and tell me how u r 4 real... Is everything really alright? R u really happy? I really want to talk about this with u because I feel like we mean it 4 real.

We need 2 catch up more often. I wanna know how u r every day. Every moment. Every minute... Just tell me how u r, bb...

I feel like we really 'get' one another, so when we tell 1 another how we r, we RLLY mean it, and we REALLY understand where the other 1 is coming from.

How r u?
4 real...
How r u?

Does Madonna have 2 wear socks on her arms bc she is 'too buff'?

by the UlTiMaTe LaMeStReAmER!!!

Madonna BB! Ur the queen! Not just of pop, but of having a BANGIN BOD!

I really need to take up some Eastern techniques and get a BOD like urs. I am emberresed to do yoga because I don't want people laughing at me when I can't hold a pose. :-( But if it gets me a bod like urs, maybe it is worth it...

I couldn't help but notice that u started to wear socks / arm sleeves over your arms... What's the deal with that, bb? It seems like u must get rlly hot under there... I know that when I wear long sleeves, my pits get SWEATY, and I smell like B.O. :-(

R u hiding your STRONG, BUFF arms, Madonna bb?

Ur kinda like an ALIEN specimen! Ur superhuman. Ur almost 70 years old, but u still have a BANGIN BOD. There's NOTHING to be ashamed of, bb!

Even at the Super Bowl u wore arm sleeves...

But u showed off the GUN SHOW when u announced ur performance...

U kinda remind me of me ASS HOLE EX BF who played TONS of basketball. He said he had to wear a sleeve to stay warm and not pull any muscles to avoid injury.

Madonna has an AMAZING BODY, and it DOES NOT MATTER if her arms are 'too big', 'too buff', or 'too strong.' At the end of the day, she is BEAUTFAL and should NOT have to hide her STRONG, MUSCULAR arms underneath American Apparel tube socks! Don't be afraid, Madonna BB! We <3 ur STRONG arms. I wish u would hold me in them...

Truth be told, I'd HIT THE GYM with her ANY DAY.

Does Madonna look good, bb?

Grimes spotted making out with some bro. Is this man Grimes' boyfriend?

grimes boyfriend dating pictureplane make out
Grimes is the hottest BB in the indie scene right now. EVERY one wants to know EVERYTHING about her, from how many times she showers per week, to whether or not she was linked to a school shooting in Ohio. Now it seems like

The man in the photos is rumored to be the buzz human Pictureplane, also known as Travis Egedy, a producer buzzband guy from Colorado.

Here is footage of Grimes and Pictureplane performing at Festival NRML in Mexico, where the MAKEOUT picture is rumored to have been taken.


At a recent show at Glasslands in Brooklyn, Grimes was spotted wearing a Pictureplane t-shirt.

Photo by Laura June Kirsch

grimes claire boucher dating boyfriend pictureplane

Here is an interview with Pictureplane with a random ass broad in Moscow.


He looks sorta like a hottie hunk... I hope him and Grimey can be happie 2gether 4evr.

Photo by Eric Groom

Is Pictureplane 'the male Grimes'?


Do Pictureplane and Grimes come from the same crusty bleep bloop home?

R u already familiar with Pictureplane?
Is he 'good enough' 4 Grimes?
Do u think they understand 1 another like no1 else can?
Will this be good for Pictureplane's career, riding Grimes' buzz coattails to create a genre 2gether?
Should they 'collab' on a track?
Can they become the new Best Coast and WAVVES?
Are they the #1 electrocrust couple in the entire indie game right now?
R u sad that Claire Boucher is potentially 'taken'? :-(
R u gonna start a 1-man ravewave buzzband to win over the heart of Claire Boucher?


Alternative Celebrity, Buzzband

Grimes is Claire Boucher, a Canadian bleep bloop singer music project.

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Alternative Celebrity, Buzzband

Pictureplane is a bleepbloop producer from Denver, CO. He is rumored to be dating Grimes.

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I filled out an NCAA Tournament bracket and it made me feel empty.

Some people I work with/go to college with/group of friends that I have decided it would be a good idea if we all 'filled out a bracket for the upcoming NCAA Tournament.' We would get together for some of the games, and drink cold ones. It would also give us the opportunity for us to publicly banter on one another's Facebook walls.

I had no idea who the teams were, but for some reason, I felt empowered as I began to fill out the bracket, as if I was going to guess every single one of them correctly. It didn't matter that I hadn't watched a college basketball game all season, I truly believed that I had 'the magic touch' that would some how impact reality. For some reason, I envisioned my friends being impressed with me, and the national media doing a story on how I was the only perfect bracket amongst millions.

That's just 'being a member of Generation Y' fucking with you.

Eventually, the tournament unfolded. A bunch of teams played eachother, and I got some of them right.

I got some of them wrong.

My bracket was 'busted' by an early upset of a high ranking team.

One of the #1 seeds that I picked made it 'all the way.'

I didn't really watch any of the games, and when I did, it seemed like a bunch of young people not knowing what they were doing. Some of the games were slow and boring, "Defensive battles." Others were crazy and hectic, but were equally unenjoyable. It was awkward to have to watch college basketball with random acquaintances as if I 'cared' about buzzer beaters, busted brackets, and random ass old white dudes who 'represented goodness in society' because they coach a group of young black men.

From what I understand, college basketball is just the 'minor league' system to the NBA, and the rest of the athletes drop out after they don't graduate. Nor are they paid for their participation in a multibillion dollar event like "March Madness." Colleges make me depressed because although I paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to attend one, I still find myself unhappy, unfulfilled, unskilled, and unenlightened.

I thought back to the level of empowerment that I felt when I filled out my bracket, thinking that I was some sort of college basketball God. I felt stupid and empty for even getting interested in college basketball. I am not interested in participating in some sort of lame, mainstream cultural event that mainstreamers themselves don't even care about.

I will never partake in March Madness ever again.


Justice spotted canoodling with Madonna and bronoodling with Bon Iver and Avicii.

Xavier DeRosnay is the lead singer of Justice (aka Jousteece). His band Justice is known for their bloghouse banger hits, but then they took too much time off, released a prog rock record, and by that time EDM had taken off without them and Skrillex basically stole all of their fans.

ANYWAYS, some1 threw Justice a bone because they still wear black leather and have a cross and let them play Ultra. This means that they got to brooodle with relevant alt and mainstream celebs. U have 2 wonder if Xavi is dating Madonna since she is really in2 random ethnic men impregnating her and creating 'halfie' it-girls.

Bon Iver looks pretty swag, too. Just getting EXTRA grabby with Madonna.

Dude, is that Avicii, the bro who wrote the EPIC club anthem "Levels"?

Avicii! LeVeLs, bro... Fuckin' LEVELS!



Oh, sometimes
I get a good feeling, yeah
I get a feeling that I never, never, never, never had before, no no
I get a good feeling, yeah

Oh, sometimes
I get a good feeling, yeah
I get a feeling that I never, never, never, never had before, no no
I get a good feeling, yeah

LEVELS, bros!

Oh, sometimes
I get a good feeling, yeah
I get a feeling that I never, never, never, never had before, no no
I get a good feeling, yeah


Do u think they all listened to LEVELS?
Are Xavi and Madonna 'dating'?
Does Bon Iver look like a chill ass EDM bro?
Do u <3 Joustice or did they ruin their careers?
Whatever happened 2 the banger?
Did u go 2 #ultra and #kill_it?
Do u evr get a good feeling that u never, never, never, never had before, no no?


DJ, Buzzband

Justice is a popular banger house electro group from France on Ed Banger Records.

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Alternative Celebrity, DJ

AVICII is the bro who wrote the club hit LEVELS and is a member of the EDM community. LEEVEELLLSSS

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Bon Iver KILLS his DJ set at ULTRA, changes the entire game.

Photos via dancingastronaut

Bon Iver!
u effing KILLED IT at the Grammys
bringing home a trophy 4 the indie genre

and now u CRUSHED IT
at Ultra Music Festival
U effing DROPPED that bass, bro!


Who woulda thunk
A Midwestern man like urself
could capture the heart of the EDM community
and so many ravers from around the world.

Today, you should be proud, Justin Bon Iver Vernon
U have it all
There's nothing u can't do
Always believe.

This is Bon Iver's world.
We're just lucky he lets us live in it.


What happened at Ultra stays at effing #Ultra.

Bon Iver

Alternative Celebrity

Bon Iver is a bearded man from a Midwestern forest who sounds like Bruce Hornsby and once collab-ed with Kanye West.

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Watch video of M.I.A. honkying down with Madonna in the studio, trying to be a honky


This video is kind of old, but I felt the need to commit it to public record mainly bc every1 h8s M.I.A. and because it provides some hilarious footage of M.I.A. 'trying to sing' because Madonna wants her on some chorus. Every1 knows how this 'collab turned out' when M.I.A. ruined the Super Bowl, but it is just funny to watch some 'sacred studio moments' before it all went wrong.

As u can see, M.I.A. is acting like a real honky, feeling like she is 'some1 special' in the eyes of a 'real famous person.' U have to feel bad 4 her thinking that she is 'on top of the world', doing a honky dance in the studio with the Queen of Pop... then it was all taken away from her and she was banished.

Do u feel bad 4 M.I.A.?
Does she seem like she is really honkying down?
Are all alt celebs attracted 2 mainstream fame, eventually pandering to mainstream celebs IRL and on Twitter?
Did M.I.A. 'ruin her career'?
Do they 'seem like friends', or is Madonna basically just being a slavemaster?


Buzzband, Alternative Celebrity

M.I.A. is known for thinking that the American government is out 2 get her.

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The Types of People Who Wear Hoodies That There Are.




Tween Idols

Post-Ironic Nostalgic Bros

Local Pedophile bro

My spoiled tween little brother

The AZN guy who runs the dry cleaning store

Buff Myspacers

Wankable Emo Broads

'Talking Heads' who are 'trying to make a point'

Cool Dads who want to 'look young' by dressing like tweens in sk8r brands

Overgrown tweens who live on the internet

Black ass Presidents

BANGIN BOD-ed slutwavers

Dudes who love 2 motorboat Selena Gomez

Bad Bois


Dudes who use steroids

The local 'scene' guy

Decision-wave basketball teams

Homeless mothers and their children 2 protect themselves from 'the elements'


Black ppl who like Star Trek

High School teacher who wants to 'inspire' you by teaching you 'real world' lessons and not just 'going by the book'

Bros who are trying to get their peens hard, but just tugging on a soft peen

The White Guy in Odd Future, Lucas Vercetti

The Paramore broad

Spoiled toddlers whose parents care 2 much about their fashion

College Bros

The single 40 year old woman who lives next door that I lost my virginity to when I was 13, then banged her again when I was in college

Asian Linsanity ass bros

Girls who love cock and drugs

Chill dogs

Intimidating Lezbos

Am Appy Blipsters


Rich ass white honkies who invented websites

Ppl who wear shit that was airbrushed at the mall

'Cool Christians' who go 2 'cool church' where they play Lifehouse-wave alt rock

Coach Bill Bellychecks

Horrorcore rappers

Big Tittied AZNs

White Am Appy Models

Fake humans

Black ppl who went to African American Colleges

Fantasy emo creatures

Sexual assault suspects


Plz SHARE, LIKE, and RETWEET this post so that Unchill honkies who live in gated communities will stop shooting ppl who wear hoodies.

Do u feel like ur in danger when u wear a hoodie?
Are dark ppl who wear hoodies 'asking 4 it' [via Geraldo]?
Should America 'ban' hoodies?
Are hoodies 4 tweens or thugs?
Who is the hoodiest hoodie prsn in the entire world?

NSFW: The White Guy from Odd Future fondles some groupie titties

Whaddup yall? It's me! Lucas Vercetti, aka the White Guy from Odd Future!

Things are going SICKLY on tour, niggaaaaasssss. Me and Tyler just pulled the DOPEST prank off on Earl Sweatshirt! That nigga is wack, but what can I say, it's super fun to be the Merch manager on an Odd Future tour. I've basicall been getting a BEEJ in every city that we've stopped in. Shit is STRAIGHT DOPE.

I've been getting MAD PUSSIE, filming it GIRLS GONE WILD STYLE. So many of Odd Future's fans are white, and they don't really want to make out with any of the black members, so I'm just here REEMING in this PREMIUM PUSSIE. Don't get me wrong, tons of our fans are wigger skaters, but every now and then I'm the one who gets to conquer that white pussy.

After feeling these tittays, I understand what SWAG really means!

Anyways, I'm gonna go order a Supreme pizza, yall!

Smell ya Later! -The Lucasnator!


What it's like to be the white guy in Odd Future: The Lucas Vercetti Story

Justin Bieber sounds like a swag wigger in his new song "Boyfriend"!

by the UlTiMaTe LaMeStReAmER!!!

Justin Bieber is AMAZING! He is the MOST famous boy on the planet, and is BECOMING A MAN right before our eyes.

I love love LOVE his new song "Boyfriend"! HE sounds JUST like Justin Timberlake... Both of them are the SWAGGEST white people on the planet! I hope that the Beebz turns into an Academy Award winning actor, too!

I am S0 s0 #jeally of Selena Gomez for getting to d8 u! She's lucky to have u, but ALSO lucky because of her DEVELOPED, amazing BOD! I'll bet u MOTORBOAT the EFF out of those cha-chas... but at the same time... u <3 her. I remember my ex used to motorboat me, but then I got all of these sores under the folds of my breasts, and it was really painful and annoying.

He LOOKS like a swag tween bro, but also SOUNDS like a swag wigger! Honestly, that makes me sad though because it reminds me of my ex before he was convicted of stealing vintage Honda Accords to be stripped at chop shops. :-(

Timberlake who? #teamBieber4evr!
I LOVE this song and it is OFFICIALLY my NEW JAM!

EXCLUSIVE: Lana Del Rey spotted shopping at Urban Outfitters.

lana del rey shopping urban outfitters
What if I told you that Lana Del Rey was just like you and me: she went shopping at alternative retailers to buy clothes that would fall apart within 2 months? Well, she is, which is why Lana Del Rey was spotted shopping at Urban Outfitters. According to this EXCLUSIVE HISPTER RUNOFF FAN REPORT + STALKER PHOTO:

Vassup lil carles? I was at urban outfitters in Soho today and I saw the bb Lana shopping with this guy. They were touching on each other... What would Marilyn say!?

What do u think LDR is buying?
Some wacky t-shirts with bullshit on them?
Some dumb blog-to-books?
'Entry level alt whore' outfits?

Maybe Lana Del Rey is trying 2 be alt again?
Who is the mystery man that she is canoodling with?
Is Lana Del Rey dating Marilyn Manson?
Does LDR at Urby make u want to shop there more or less?
Does LDR look good, bb?

New Best Coast song sounds like a parody of a Best Coast song

Every one has been on pins and needles, waiting for the latest, newest Best Coast song to see how she has evolved as a musician, songwriter, and personal brand. It seems like she is really trying to go 'next lev' on this album cycle, releasing a clothing line and probably getting more famous people to be in her videos so they have an MTV-tween cross over appeal.

This is her new song "The Only Place."

It sorta sounds like 'cleaned up' Best Coast, except she is still singing about the beach, having fun, and California. We get it, Bethers, the only place u want to live is California... I guess maybe she 'evolved' because there is no mention of cats and dank. All artists should strive to have a formulaic brand, but does this song sorta sound like a parody of a Best Coast song, except it is kind a 'cleaned up' [via mainstream studio record deal]?

I sorta miss her fuzzy buzzy beginnings.... Maybe she is 'over' that era when all the blogs <3ed her.

Do u <3 or h8 the new Best Coast song?
Is Bethany 'too cleaned up'?
Will the female tween Hello Giggles/Rookie Mag market think that this is 'kewl'?
Can she become a tween female icon?
Has Grimes stolen her place in the buzzosphere?
Why does every1 backlash against Bethany?
What do u think p4k will give this album?
Is Best Coast 'effed' if this is the best song on their album?

Best Coast


Best Coast is a fuzzy buzzy band that sings abt dank, California, boys, and kitty cats

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Jared Leto goes 2 save Haiti because the Arcade Fire were half-assing it

Every one knows that the Arcade Fire have tried to be the band that is single-handedly trying to save Haiti with their indie/alt vibes. But what if I told you that one man was tired of seeing the inaction of the Arcade Fire, deciding to save Haiti himself?

His name is Jared Leto, the Most Alternative Man Alive.

Jared Leto is the most alt man alive, and there's really nothing he can't do. He's sorta like the Alt version of Chuck Norris. He's so alt he can fly. He's so alt that he will never die. He's so alt that he can save Haiti by himself just by going there and filming a documentary and taking some pictures.

▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲Did u hear that?▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
▲▲▲▲Haiti was just saved, yall! ▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
▲▲▲▲And all it took was Jared Leto.▲▲▲▲▲▲▲▲
▲▲I am the Letbro.▲▲▲▲

Were the Arcade Fire 'half-assing' their philanthropy mission?
Who is doing more 2 save Haiti?
Is every1 helping, or did the Arcade Fire just do it to minimize their mainstream backlash?
Do u <3 Jared Leto?
Does he seem 'deep'?
Do u think▲▲Jared Leto▲▲ 'saved' Haiti?

Jared Leto

Actor, Buzzband

Jared Leto is an alternative actor, and the lead singer of the band 30 Seconds to Mars.

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Why 'Mad Men' is for high-end honky ass white people.

Mad Men is a celebration of white ass white people for the modern iteration of white ass white people. It is a simple show where white people can pretend that they would have been rich if they lived in the 1960s because they would have been so much more self-aware than the other simpleton honkies.

Some how, 'high-end' television has turned into a celebration of honkydom, where honkies can watch honkies doing honky ass things. It doesn't matter if said honkies are living in the 1960s or the 2000s--honkies find comfort in watching honkydom from any era. To most honkies, watching the evolution of honkies into a honky super-intellectual race is something that honkies can't get enough of.

The worst thing about honkies is that they love celebrating 'culture' when 'culture' is actually just the idea that honkies run the world. That's partially why the blogosphere has been so successful: honkies patting themselves on the back about a high-end honky worldview that is perpetuated by honky ass college grads who write things on the internet as if they matter. Honkies love 'recapping' honky ass TV shows, writing about dumb, honky tv shows like the entire honky race is on the line.

Some say that 'podcasting' is the ultimate honky artform.

An entire industry has been built out of creating strategically dramatic shows for predictable honkies who perceive themselves as 'consuming culture' in its highest form. In reality, Mad Men is the Lana Del Rey of television shows. It slipped in 'under the mnstrm radar', appealing to indie honkies and tastemakers before it went totally mainstream. However, high-end honkies still believe that Mad Men is a cultural institution because honkies don't know how to turn on high-end honky art, even when it is really boring.

Mad Men is successful because it taps into the societal truism that all honkies want to be 'hate fucked.' Sex is no longer a pleasurable, sensual experience because of the pressures of modern society. Instead, all honky women just want to be 'choked out' and have their 'daddy' 'give it to them' like 'the lil sluts that they are.' Honkies watch so much pornography that the only way they can 'get off' is by having aggressive honky hate sex.

All of the characters in Mad Men are just a bunch of insecure honky archetypes for high-end honkies to 'relate to', because honkies don't realize that they are 'just honkies,' not some sort of super-race of hyperintellectual people that define culture and can only be represented by metaphors in trying-2-hard- tv shows.

Don Draper is just an alpha-honky who is easy to insert into a honky hate-sex fantasy. This is the cornerstone of Mad Men's honky appeal to the high-end honkies.

Is Mad Men just 4 high-end honkies?
Are honkies ruining culture?
Do u h8 honky ass shit that honkies overcelebrate?
Have u found that all honkies just want aggressive hate sex?

Grimes is on the cover of some magazine I've never heard of, shares how many times she showers per week

The best part about the alt buzz industry is that there are not only tons of fake bands, but there are also fake magazines that no1 has ever heard of. Some how, every1 is able to get paid because they are perpetuating an empty cycle of buzz. Anyways, u gotta give Grimes props for exploiting this buzz circle, and ending up on the cover of some magazine that I've never heard of called DAZED. Maybe it is some sort of random Ukranian magazine, but I think that was Lana Del Rey's magazine cover strategy.

Oh Grimey... Ur EVERYWHERE, bb! I even had a dream abt u last night where we were floating down the Nile River, then we built a DIY pyramid. I felt like I was truly in <3.

More importantly, there is this funny video where we find out that her fave film is 'The Fifth Element', she believes in aliens, and she showers 'between 1-5 times per week.' Claire Boucher believes that we are too clean, and it is unhealthy.

She also h8s zippers and buttons bc they make her feel 2 confined.

Is Grimes going to lead 2 an indie epidemic bc there isn't enough handwashing involved?
Is Grimes the most interesting BB in indie?
Has she 'taken over' the indiesphere?
Is she currently the hottest diva in the indie game?
Do u <3 or h8 her music?
Do u believe that she can do anything she puts her mind 2?


Alternative Celebrity, Buzzband

Grimes is Claire Boucher, a Canadian bleep bloop singer music project.

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Plz call the HIPSTER RUNOFF hotline (909) 276-7542

Carles will be podcasting again soon. Please call the HIPSTER RUNOFF HOTLINE

Call now: (909) BRO-SKI2
aka (909) 276-7542

On the next episode of the HIPSTER RUNOFF podcast, Carles will be answering audio questions from readers and listeners like u.

Plz call the HIPSTER RUNOFF HOTLINE with ur question for Carles. You will hear Carles' voice, encouraging you to ask a question. Be prepared to speak your question in2 the phone. Carles will respond 2 ur question on the next podcast if it is audible + relevant + interesting + provides an opportunity for compelling commentary.

The HRO HOTLINE is here for u. Program the number into ur phone.
Call Carles when ur on a long drive.
Call Carles when u need to vent to some1 after a traumatic life experience.
Call Carles when u need to be cheered up.
Call Carles when ur alone, and want 2 feel like there is some1 there.

Your number + identity will remain confidential. This is sort of like a 'teen issues' hotline, except for 'relevant ppl' who just want to 'shoot the shit' or maybe they have 'grown ass problems.'
*Note: Carles is willing to address teen & tween issues.

HIPSTER RUNOFF is here for u.
Let's get vulnerable.
Let's talk abt life, love, loss, buzzbands, indie, 'the scene', career advice, relationship advice, the internet, tweens, society, America, fastfood, & anything relevant 2 modern life.

Call now: (909) BRO-SKI2
aka (909) 276-7542

What r u waiting for?
What r u going 2 ask?

"I wanna be ur broski."
-the HIPSTER RUNOFF hotline

What do u want 2 talk abt?


Meme, Blog, Alternative Celebrity

Carles is the popular blogger from the popular internet website HIPSTER RUNOFF.

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Meme, DJ, Company, Buzzband, Blog, Alternative Celebrity

HIPSTER RUNOFF is a blog worth blogging abt, created by Carles that is trying 2 stay relevant. It blogs abt buzzbands, alt stuff, relevant topics, the end of the social web, and more.

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The White Guy in Odd Future, Lucas Vercetti LASHES OUT at HIPSTER RUNOFF

Lucas Vercetti is widely-known as the white guy in Odd Future. He runs their merch store and is around for the purposes of moral support and ethnic diversity, rolling hard in a predominantly black rap crew. Yesterday, the popular weblog HIPSTER RUNOFF ran a blog post entitled What it's like to be the white guy in Odd Future: The Lucas Vercetti Story.

Hours later, Lucas "The White Kid in Odd Future" took to Twitter to distance himself from the piece, claiming that he did not in fact write it. He wrote, "I have nothing to do with that shit "Hipster Runoff" posted about me. Fuck them." More harsh words for the controversial weblog after feuding with stars like Bon Iver, Lana Del Rey, and Best Coast. Carles continues to make enemies with people who only care abt pleasing the Corrupt Indie Machine. They do NOT care about free speech.

You have to assume that HIPSTER RUNOFF is on 'the bad side' of Odd Future, and especially the only white member of Odd Future.

Why can't we all just buzz along?

Does Odd Future 'hate' Carles?
Is Lucas the #1 member of Odd Future?
Does he seem like a chill bro, or does he only vibe with black crews?
Why do u think he is mad abt the Untold Story of Lucas Vercetti?
Will Odd Future 'take down' Carles + HIPSTER RUNOFF?

What it's like to be the white guy in Odd Future: The Lucas Vercetti Story

Watch Washed Out get interviewed by some1 who has no effing clue who he is


You know it's a bad sign when an interview with a chillwave artist starts out with "THIS GUY IS THE CHILLEST EFFING GUY ON THE PLANET." That's my favorite part about SXSW, there's not only a bunch of buzzbands who don't even play good music everywhere, but there's even more 'bullshit journalists' who are half-assing interviews with people they don't know for the sake of generating content to try to keep a job in an industry that is dying, mainly because there's college kids who will do a better job of it, but more importantly be ENTHUSIASTIC about the job without the feeling of angst and entitlement.

Anyways, this interview is pretty funny because it is basically like a Wikipedia skim of the 'Washed Out' wikipedia entry, and then the generic questions that you ask a band that is at SXSW and/or on tour.

#SXSW: The Home of Buzz

It has to be the #1 place where buzzbands are interviewed by people who have 'no effing clue who they are.'

Did this interviewer 'nail it'?
Should they have asked a generic chillwave question, or did the publicist 'wave it off'?
Do u feel bad 4 Ernie?
Do u think Washed Out's "Within and Without" was a flop, was chill, and/or has 'held up over time'?
Do u <3 or h8 interviews with buzzbands?
Do u want a job to 'save' music journalism?

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